2012 Community Project List

The 2012 Community and Economic Development Project Inventory Survey was sent to over 120 member counties and units of government, along with Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) members. Once the entire list was compiled, the EDAC reviewed all the submitted projects at their meeting on June 7, 2012. The committee members were then asked to add projects to the list that were not orignally submitted during the initial community solicitation. By having projects on the list, communities and organizations have a better chance of receiving public funding to complete them, including Federal money from the Economic Development Administration.

2012 Survey Cover Letter

2012 Community and Economic Development Survey

2012 Community Project List

At their August 16, 2012 meeting, the EDAC reviewed the complete project list. In addition, many of the municipalities and organizations that responded to the survey designated one priority project that they would like to see completed within the next two to three years. Based on the information provided by communities and organizations regarding their priority projects, the EDAC scored each of these projects using a comprehensive set of criteria to determine a regionwide ranking of those priority projects. The list of priority projects is below. Commission staff are working with local economic development professionals and municipal officials to offer as much technical assistance as possible in order for these projects to be completed in a timely manner. The project list has been included in the updated 2012 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

2012 Priority Projects