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Economic Modeling Specialist International (EMSI) software is a comprehensive web-based tool that puts in-depth, local employment data and analysis in the hands of local economic and community development practitioners that enables them to make clear, data-driven decisions. Analyst draws on EMSI's labor market data that is used by hundreds of organizations across the United States for business attraction site searches, strategic public investments in infrastructure and training, and long-term economic planning. The data is automatically updated four times a year, so users can be assured the information they are accessing is current and relevant to their region of analysis.

In 2012, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and all of the state's nine regional planning commissions formed a partnership to provide access to Economic Modeling Specialist Intl. (EMSI) software throughout the state. Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission staff has been trained to use EMSI software by WEDC staff.

Bay-Lake staff is accepting requests for information utilizing EMSI software. Please contact Brandon Robinson (brobinson@baylakerpc.org) or Joshua Schedler (jschedler@baylakerpc.org) for questions/concerns.

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