Since 1990, the Commission has collected and maintained digital GIS files for areas in which the Commission undertakes natural resource and planning projects.

The following data is available for most or all areas in which the Commission has completed project work:

  • base maps
  • complete 7.5-minute digital quadrangle maps
  • land use inventories
  • geology
  • soils
  • hydrography
  • watersheds
  • wetlands
  • floodplains
  • natural areas
  • environmental corridors
  • shoreland/floodplain zones
  • farmland preservation
  • zoning
  • recreation facilities
  • transportation facilities
  • public and community facilities
  • past land use plans
  • general plan designs
  • Census TIGER files
  • air photos

The Commission creates land use inventories, future land use plans, environmental corridors and zoning files for communities throughout the Bay-Lake Region as part of its project work.

Bay-Lake RPC GIS Data Sharing Policy

Land Use Data

For more information on GIS, please contact:
Nicole Barbiaux, Graphics Specialist
Phone: (920) 448-2820, Ext. 104