Bay-Lake RPC Office Phone: 920-448-2820

Cindy J. Wojtczak, Ext. 102
Executive Director

Cindy has been with Bay-Lake RPC for a total of almost 23 years, with a short break in service from 2003 to 2015. Her primary duties include office/staff management, as well as overseeing the Commission's financials and other agency requirements. With a previous emphasis in economic development, she continues to work closely with EDA and the Commission's Planning Partnership program, as well as with writing and administering grants. Cindy received her Bachelors Degree in Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay.

Brandon G. Robinson, Ext. 105
Assistant Director

Brandon has been with Bay-Lake RPC since 1998. In addition to his administrative duties as the Commission’s Assistant Director, Brandon is extensively involved with the community assistance program including comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, and outdoor recreation plans. Brandon oversees the regional transportation program and also assists with grant writing and grant administration. Brandon earned his Bachelors Degree in Urban and Regional Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.

Jeffrey C. Agee-Aguayo, Ext. 103
Transportation Planner

Jeff has been with the Bay-Lake RPC since 1987.  His primary duties are with the Sheboygan MPO program, although he occasionally handles other  transportation planning duties outside the MPO program as well.  Jeff has a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Iowa.

Nicole Barbiaux, Ext. 104
GIS Specialist

Nicole has been with Bay-Lake RPC since 2018. Primary roles involve supporting all documents with maps and graphics, creating and maintaining online surveys, maps and applications, as well as promoting GIS services to member communities. Nicole earned her Bachelors Degree in Geography with an emphasis in Cartography and GIS from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

Harry Graham, Ext. 109
Community Assistance Planner

Harry has been with Bay-Lake RPC since 2019. Primary roles include comprehensive plans and planning assistance toward diverse plans throughout the region, such as hazard mitigation plans and the brownfields program. Harry obtained a Masters Degree in Community Planning from Auburn University.

Emily J. Pierquet, Ext. 101
Administrative Assistant

Emily has been with Bay-Lake RPC since 2018. Primary roles include accounting, invoicing, human resources, and assisting with various administrative tasks. Emily earned her Associate Degree in Medical Coding from Lakeshore Technical College.

Sydney E. Swan, Ext. 108
Economic Development Planner

Sydney has been with Bay-Lake RPC since 2019. As an Economic Development Planner, her primary roles include assisting communities with grant writing, updating and implementing the Region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), and promoting economic growth throughout northeast Wisconsin. Sydney earned her Bachelor of Science in Regional Land Use Planning and also in Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.