To all land owners and citizens in the Town of Sevastopol (Town):

The Town of Sevastopol is in the beginning stages of updating its 20-year comprehensive plan.  This document will guide our Town’s growth over the next 20 years. During the planning process, we will evaluate various community attributes including land use, housing, transportation, economic development, community facilities and parks, natural and cultural resources, etc. 

Public participation is required as part of the planning process and the Town is asking for your input on how you want your Town to look in 20 years. This is an opportunity for the public to express their opinions to the Town on the course of future development/preservation in the Town.

Information gathered thru this on-line public input portal will be used to help establish the desired outcomes in this planning effort. This portal will be available until December 15, 2018. Please encourage your friends and relatives who live or visit the Town to provide input using this tool.

For more information on the comprehensive planning update process, please contact:

Brandon Robinson, Community Assistance Planner
Phone: (920) 448-2820, Ext. 105
Email: brobinson@baylakerpc.org