Land and Water Conservation Planning

The Commission provides planning assistance in land and water conservation.  In 1997, Wisconsin Act 27, Chapter 92 Wisconsin Statutes  required counties to develop individual Land and Water Reousrce Management Plans to achieve the purpose of:

  • converse long-term soil productivity;
  • protect the qulaity of related natural resources;
  • enhance water quality;
  • and focus on sever soil erosion problems.

recently completed plans

Florence County Land and Water Resource Management Plan

The Commission assisted Florence County in updating their Land and Water Resource Management Plan. The plan provides the framework for Florence County's continued efforts in the land and water resource area for the next 10 years.

Plan Document

For more information on land and water conservation planning, please contact:
Lydia Semo, Environmental Planner
Phone: (920) 448-2820, Ext. 106