Outdoor Recreation Planning

WAGNER2.jpgThe Bay-Lake RPC provides communities and counties with guidance, principles, and approaches for the planning and management of quality outdoor recreation resources and opportunities for current and future populations. 

We provide assistance with such outdoor recreation planning as community and county comprehensive outdoor recreation plans, trail and park site designs, trail inventories, park and trail master planning,  and water trail planning.


Kewaunee County Outdoor Recreation Plan 2019 - 2020

Kewaunee County realizes the importance and benefits its parks and open space system has on the County's character and quality of life and is committed to providing for the recreational needs of its current and future residents. This plan intends to guide the continual improvement of the County's park and open space system and to maintain the County’s eligibility for State and Federal park and recreation grants. This plan envisions a connected system of parks, open spaces, and trails throughout the community, related to the County's natural resources, geography and neighborhoods.

The plan is also intended to be a support document and component of the Kewaunee County Comprehensive Plan. This plan along with the County’s other long- range plans and development-related ordinances, will be used to implement the County's parks and recreation facilities.

Initiatives of the Outdoor Recreation Plan:

  1.  An approach to open space and recreation facility distribution that is based upon access, opportunity, and equity.
  2. A user-friendly data interface, with real time data, that the public can access via story mapping and other modern technology tools.
  3. Identify opportunities to add capacity to existing facilities to meet anticipated recreation demands (e.g., public private partnership for open space, incentive zoning, grant opportunities, programmatic partnership).
  4. Long-term strategies that look to acquire more parkland to add to the network over time.
  5. Increase the capacity of existing facilities to allow expanded use where feasible.

Public Input Survey

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