Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan


The proposed Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for Northeast Wisconsin is envisioned to maintain and improve the momentum of bicycle and pedestrian planning that has occurred at all levels of government over many years.

The project will give a regional perspective of walking and bicycling opportunities along with their associated facilities within Brown, Door, Kewaunee, Florence, Manitowoc, Marinette, Oconto, and Sheboygan counties. The project planning period will include:

  • Inventory of existing facilities;
  • Identify physical and other impediments to walking and biking in the region;
  • Develop strategies to increase the use of walking and bicycling modes as transportation options in the 8 northeast Wisconsin counties.

The inventory of existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities during the planning process will result in a comprehensive GIS spatial database of all bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the region. BLRPC will geolocate all bicycle and pedestrian segments; while recording attribute data using a mobile GPS unit.

This information will be presented on an interactive map using ArcGIS Online, allowing anyone to click on a trail and offer input concerning the level of safety, maintenance, accessibility, overall facility qualityincluding signage and route connections. This map will also present a brief description of the non-motorized trails in the region for potential users


An evaluation of past and present bicycle and pedestrian planning efforts, ranging from the state level to the municipal level, will be conducted to assist with identifying existing gaps, desired improvements to the bicycle/pedestrian network, and any potential state and regional network connections.

The focus will also be on the importance of bicycle and pedestrian safety and connections to schools, residential developments, places of employment, public transit, parks, and tourist destinations.


Once completed, the regional bicycle and pedestrian plan will offer direction and recommendations for the future development or improvement of pedestrian and bicycle facilities within the region as a whole.

The regional plan will also provide individual communities with the tools to conduct studies, develop localized bicycle and pedestrian plans, and offer suggestions to secure funding for bicycle and pedestrian facility improvements, if needed.

The Importance of Planning for Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiatives:

  • Increases ability for some businesses to attract and retain employees due to the presence of alternative transportation modes
  • Creates jobs through design and construction projects related to pedestrians and cyclists
  • Stimulates growth in active transportation-related businesses (e.g. bike shops, outdoor recreation shops, bike and walking tour companies)
  • Increases out-of-state visitors who participate in walking or bicycle tourism to invest in northeast Wisconsin
  • Socioeconomic benefits include cost savings to both the individuals and the public, increased efficiency of land use, and increased livability
  • Improves the health of the environment and population

This information can also be found in our Bike and Ped Brochure

For more information on the regional bicycle and pedestrian plan, please contact:

Brandon Robinson, Community Assistance Planner III
Phone: (920) 448-2820, ext. 105


Madison Smith, Community Assistance Planner I
Phone: (920) 448-2820, ext. 108