Sheboygan Area Transportation Plan (SATP)

In order to comply with new, current and changing federal regulations, as well as to address the needs of the ever evolving urbanized and metropolitan planning areas, the Sheboygan MPO must update its transportation plan every four years as part of a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process. Because Sheboygan County is a nonattainment area for ground-level ozone, the transportation plan must be adopted every four years, while transportation plans in attainment areas (areas that meet EPA air quality standards for particulates, carbon monoxide, ozone and other criteria pollutants) must be adopted every five years.

The purpose of the SATP  is to prepare an updated transportation plan for the Sheboygan metropolitan planning area to guide local units of government in making appropriate transportation decisions over the long-range future (at least 20 years from the year of approval).


The draft Update to the Year 2045 SATP has been released for a 30 day public comment period that runs through April 25, 2019.  A public hearing on the draft Update to the Year 2045 SATP will be held on April 16, 2019, at 4:00 p.m., at the Mead Public Library (Rocca Meeting Room), 710 North 8th Street, Sheboygan.

Information on draft plan content, local availability, the public hearing, and meetings regarding the plan approval process can be found here:

Notice of Request for Comment on the Draft Update to the Year 2045 SATP 

All of the draft chapters of the Update to the Year 2045 SATP have been completed, as follows:

The following draft appendices of the Update to the Year 2045 SATP have been completed or will be completed soon:

Year 2045 SATP

The Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission approved the Year 2045 Sheboygan Area Transportation Plan (SATP) on May 29, 2015.

To view the Year 2045 Sheboygan Area Transportation Plan (SATP), please click on either of the links below:


For more information, please contact:
Jeffrey Agee-Aguayo, Transportation Planner
Phone:  (920) 448-2820, Ext. 103
Email:  jagee@baylakerpc.org